Getting the Shot

18th June 2019

You’d be forgiven for looking at a wedding photo and not seeing the wider context behind it,  after all it’s a wedding photographer’s job to set the context for the viewer with the use of composition and exposure.

There is often a story going on around the composition that doesn’t necessarily add to, and can in fact detract from, the photo.

Take the below for example – by no means the greatest photo in the world, the idea was to get a simple couple shot capturing the delicate hazy golden hour light in the field behind the couple, but haze doesn’t occur naturally in Suffolk in August…

Bex & Ash

You see, this particular venue (Moreves Barn) happens to be on a working farm, and no wedding couple can get in it's way! I should state at this point that no wedding couples were hurt in the making of this photo...

As you can see, Bex and Ash put their lives on the line for a mediocre shot - but that's just the kind of couple they are, relaxed and with a great sense of humour! I'm not so sure the farmer had the same sense of humour, but I'm sure he's used to it..

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