Ross & Vanessa Pre-Wedding

6th July 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ross and Vanessa over the weekend to have a chat about their upcoming wedding next month in Herefordshire. I was fortunate in that they happened to passing through Ely so it was no trouble for me to meet!

After a quick coffee and cheese platter we decided to brave the July drizzle and take a quick walk around the cathedral to get a few snaps.

I'm not a huge fan of the classic posed engagement shoot photos - I tend to apply the same documentary style as I do in my weddings which in this case essentially involves the couple going for a walk and I hang back to run ahead with a camera and it tends to result in natural, emotive pictures. Sometimes the approach is so unobtrusive that the couple forget I'm there and their true feelings come out, as was the case in one of the photos below where Ross is clearly attempting to strangle Vanessa! This photo may one day be used as evidence...

Anyway it was a pleasure to see them both - I can't wait to see you both at the wedding!

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