Ella&Alex - Alex Adams

Potten End, Hertfordshire

Ella & Alex


It's rare to meet a collection of people as friendly and as welcoming as Alex & Ella, and their respective families. Their laid-back nature really set the tone for the day and I was immediately ushered into Ella's home with offers of tea and Prosecco.

With Ella’s parents looking proudly on as bridesmaid Sophie took care of hair and makeup, the calm was almost instantly disrupted by the arrival of Ella’s future sister-in-law with her three adorable and energetic children armed to the teeth with balloons and sweets.

Before too long, it was time for the bride to get ready, affording Ella’s dad a rare moment of solitude - I’m assuming to reflect on the day’s impending events - and the children’s excitement subsided into awe and fascination as Ella emerged in her beautiful dress.

After a few more photos I whizzed down to Berkhamsted Town Hall for the ceremony, where guests had already assembled – many taking advantage of the inhouse bar, probably to quench their thirst, possibly to settle their own feelings of anxiety and nervousness that I know I inexplicably get at as a guest before any wedding ceremony.

A quick check-in with the groom later, I found myself in the ‘waiting-room’ with the bride and entourage where the last-minute butterflies were almost visibly fluttering around the room and in what must have seemed like both a second and an eternity, the moment had arrived and Ella was making her way down the aisle – Alex unable to stop himself from peeking round at her as she approached.

After the formalities, Ella and Alex made a swift exit towards the service lift and the taxi to take them to the ceremony, perhaps grateful for their first fleeting moments alone as a married couple, before the inevitable barrage of well-wishes and congratulations.

Shortly after, I arrived at the delightfully quaint Potten End Village Hall which is located on a small village green nestled between Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead. Already a stunning venue, it was beautifully decorated with wild flowers and long trestle tables, creating an inclusive and inviting atmosphere, the Caterpillar Cake and Haribo table indicative of the couple’s fun nature and nostalgic style.

After an opportune moment inbetween rain showers to get some group shots, people were soon sat down for speeches before the queues began to form at the food van catering for the event – a bold move indeed going for marinated chicken drumsticks and saucy beef brisket wearing a white shirt/wedding dress!

A short musical interlude followed from some talented members of the extended family and then a quick opportunity to take the bride and groom onto the village green for a few ‘alone’ shots – the groom carrying his new bride over the wet grass like a true gentleman!

Evening guests arrived shortly after, in time to see the couple’s first dance, and then it was time for everyone to let their hair down as the DJ unleashed a cracking playlist on his audience, designed to transcend all generations and get them on the dance floor. When I saw one of the grandparents in the midst of a dance circle battle, I knew it was probably time for me to leave, and let people enjoy the rest of their evening.

Congratulations again to the happy couple – it was a true pleasure capturing your wedding day!

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